Burial EP


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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nerik @ Darkened Studio in March 2016

Artwork by J. Gauchard


released May 12, 2016



all rights reserved


MNFCTRR Nantes, France

MNFCTRR is a thrashing metallic-hardcore band based in Nantes, France.

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Track Name: Gunpowder
Litte sad clown, you talk about honesty,
While you’re sucking someone else’s dick behind me.

You crazy bitch, I follow my instinct.
You’re dangerous, and nobody.

Look at me, while you die alone.
You got nothing and I enjoy it.

I hate everything you are.
As I look back at it, you gave me nothing.
You’re a poisoned gift.

I left you behind me, hoping that you’ll never be happy anymore.
Track Name: Firedamp
I used to dream about a perfect world,
But it was just an illusion.

Let’s face it,
Everything is fake and filled with void.
What’s the point, when everything is falling down around you ?


- “Everyday is the same now, I can’t get out of here.
I would shut down this giant plague.
Pretty smiles and empty eyes,
I can’t be the leader no more.
Obey your master.
I got kicked for not staying in line, I got kicked!” -

I often wonder,
Should we live as men or monsters ?
As men of monsters ? (x2)
Track Name: Lost
I belive in nothing
Life is a fragile bitch, which has no magic in it.
In the end,
We all end up
We all end up
In a grave.

We come to the world,
As life is made of
As life is made of
Random chances.

Existence is meaningless.
Existence is meaningless.

We are not for long on this earth.
The sun will explode, earth will disappear.

There is nothing anymore.
No light can overcome darkness.
What you have to remember is that you have to fight.
Track Name: Condemned
One day you told me :
« I feel like cast aside, give me a gun I want to feel alright. »
You’re crying your life out
Years of suffering.

You’re spitting your life out.
Years of loneliness
I’ll never let you go.

Demons knocking at your door
Look in these eyes, crack a smile.
For you it’s time to forget,
For me it’s time to fight.

After all these years,
You finally forgot who you were
I won’t let you go

You have to believe and try (x2)

Never forget, don’t ever let someone think for you.
Never forget, don’t ever let someone think for you.